Car Scrapping for Cash in Prenton

Car Scrapping for Cash in PrentonCar scrapping for cash in Prenton is as popular as anywhere else. The value of your vehicle’s parts aren’t all the same and there are some parts of your car which are of more value. Of course, there is the problem of those who are not honest or licensed. If you want to get a decent price for your car you should stick with a reputable and registered company. At Scrap Car Heaven, you’ll find us in Birkenhead where we offer services related to ferrous scrap metal.  We extend our services to areas like Liverpool, Wirral and Chester, dealing with all those end of life vehicles. We offer excellent car scrapping services at our fully licensed depollution centre, and we offer a free collection service too.

We want your old, disused vehicles for recycling. We’re set up with crushing facilities and weightbridge to ensure everything is done properly. In Prenton, car scrapping for cash is big business as no-one wants to see old cars littering the landscape. We’ve been in this business for more than 50 years and as a family run business, you’ll see that we’ve also got some good customer services in place. We know that some of our customers become attached to their old cars, but we like to help them understand that we’re just sending them into car heaven. They’re smiling quickly again when they see the lovely lolly they get in exchange for it.

Car scrapping for cash in Prenton is such a good idea for those with a vehicle that is of no use to them. It’s all so easy and all you need do is fill in our vehicle collection request form, your car is taken to our authorised depollution center and you receive a Certificate of Destruction. To find out more information about car scrapping for cash, contact Scrap Car Heaven.The Certificate of Destruction proves that your vehicle is no longer on the roads and that you are no longer responsible for it. We think this is a pretty good deal, and we invite you to call us and get some cash in your pocket for something that is no longer of use to you.

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