Recycle Your Car in Frodsham

Recycle Your Car in FrodshamRecycle your car in Frodsham by calling us to take it way. We will buy any old car and take it back to our depollution centre.  In our yard we first remove any poisonous fluids and liquids like fuel, brake fluid and anti-freeze.  The liquids can enter the stream and rivers and can cause kidney damage and other harm to animals and people.  Once the hazardous parts of your car have been safely removed we start to disassemble the car. The seats and engine and many other parts are removed and where possible they are recycled. Once we are left with the shell we crush it.

When your car is no longer running and is too costly to repair, we offer you the responsible solution. In Frodsham, we recycle your car. We send the scrap metal to a smelting plant which turns the scrap into useable metal once more.  This is used to make many new metal objects including new cars. Most new cars have up to 25 % recycled metal in them which means you may buy your car again in its new life. We are careful to send all parts that we cannot recycle to other recycling plants so that nothing goes to waste.

When you need to recycle your old car in Frodsham we will pay you the best price and ensure your scrap vehicle is responsibly dealt with. Contact Scrap Car Heaven and send your vehicle to its just desserts. We have over 50 years of experience in dealing in scrap metal and old cars. We accept all ferrous metal scrap which we carefully recycle. Once you have filled out our vehicle collection request we will arrange a time suitable to you to collect your old car. Within 5 days we issue you with a Certificate of Destruction which ensures that you are no longer liable for the road tax on the vehicle.  You can also claim back any remaining months of road tax that were left on the vehicle.

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