Scrap Cars in West Kirby

Scrap Cars in West KirbyScrap cars in West Kirby should be responsibly disposed of. There is a danger of children locking themselves in the rusting boot of the car or pets drinking antifreeze from a rusty radiator. Both of these can be fatal. We will be delighted to collect any scrap cars or other scrap items from your premises. We will issue you with a scrap certificate that absolves you of any further costs that may be incurred by your car. You can also claim back any road tax that may still be current for the car. Once it has been scrapped you are no longer liable for road tax for the vehicle. Failure to scrap the vehicle can lead to years of tax when the car has not even been running so call us as soon as you decide that it is no longer financially viable to fix your old car.

An old scrap car lying in your garden is unsightly. In West Kirby, scrap cars are worth money. We take the car to our yard where we drain all the hazardous liquids from it. Brake fluid, antifreeze, oil and fuel to name a few is collected and sent for disposal to hazardous chemical yards. WE then strip the car and sort the various elements out. The shell of the car is crushed and sent for smelting. Many new cars have up to 25 % recycled metal in their bodies.

Scrap cars in West Kirby is our main business. We have been in the scrap car business for over 50 years. Contact Scrap Car Heaven today and we will collect your old car and pay you for it. We also accept steel and ferrous metal scrap. Our yard is a depollution centre where all hazardous materials are sorted and sent to the relevant yards for safe disposal. We have built a reputation for delivering an outstanding level of service to our customers. We take pride in this and are constantly striving to maintain and improve it.

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