Scrap Your Vehicle in West Kirby

scrap your vehicle in West KirbyMake sure you scrap your vehicle in West Kirby with the help of a reliable, reputed service like Scrap Car Heaven. Based in Birkenhead, we cover surrounding areas as well, providing services related to ferrous scrap metals. Our car scrapping service encompasses the entire range of procedures for end of life vehicles at our depolluting centres. With more than half a century of experience in this sector, today we’ve grown into a name that can be trusted for professionalism, top-quality service and affordability. Our step by step process makes it simple for you to dispose of your old vehicle in an environmentally safe manner, in compliance with government regulations. You can fill in our on-line form or call us to give details. Based on a discussion with you, we can arrange for a pick-up and immediate compensation. The vehicle is then disposed of safely and effectively.

No matter what the make, model and age of your vehicle, we are ready to provide the service you need. In West Kirby, scrap your vehicle with our help to ensure that you receive the best prices. In the UK, almost two million cars a year are scrapped and there are very strict laws in place to ensure that no pollution results from this. The End of Life Vehicle Directive should be followed meticulously and this is something that we firmly believe in. Rules intended to curb metal theft make it illegal for cash transactions while scrapping vehicles. You will either be paid by cheque or a direct transfer into your bank account.

When you want to scrap your vehicle in West Kirby, we can still arrange for scrapping if you can provide us with the relevant details. Whether it’s an old caravan, tractor or truck, reputed scrap dealers also provide a Certificate of Destruction and will inform the DVLA that you are no longer the owner of that vehicle. If you would like to scrap your vehicle and require more information, contact Scrap Car Heaven. In case your vehicle cannot be driven or moved, we can arrange for towing and transportation.

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