Car Scrap Dealer in New Brighton

car scrap dealer in New BrightonIt may be time you get in touch with a car scrap dealer in New Brighton if you are tired of looking at that old car in the yard. We at Scrap Car Heaven can take that piece of scrap off your hands to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. We have a depollution centre at our disposal that enables us to properly dispose of any substances from your scrap car that could pose a danger to the environment. In addition to allowing you to rest easy where your environmental duties are concerned, we can also help you with the tax man. When we take your vehicle we offer you a certificate of destruction (CoD). This proves that your vehicle has been taken off the road and been lawfully disposed of. This certificate can come in handy when you try to claim back any full months of road tax.

If you find yourself in possession of an old scrap car which you want to get rid of you can make a little money off it. In New Brighton, scrap car dealer will make the process easy. On top of giving you a fair price, we will collect your vehicle from you, thus saving you inconvenience of having to move it to us. If the car can no longer be driven, it is not a problem. We will pay you to take it away from you. It is never easy to part away with old possessions.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, it is very likely that those in search of a scrap dealer in New Brighton have heard of Scrap Car Heaven. We are a family run business, and our ultimate aim is the satisfaction of all those who come in contact with our business. This is the driving force behind the huge amount of referral traffic which we receive. Call Scrap Car Heaven today to find out more about our services. We have a simple 3 step process that will have your scrap car off your hands in no time.

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