Car Scrapping in Oxton

Car Scrapping in OxtonHow do you know when car scrapping in Oxton is the right choice? Will it cost more to fix it than it’s worth? Have you been trying to sell it with no luck? There is a point where the wisest move is stop throwing good money after bad and move on. Last year you replaced the transmission yourself and now you need all new tyres on a car with 200,000 miles on the odometer. The timing belt has never been replaced and oil is leaking from somewhere. Where do you stop? At Scrap Car Heaven, we can’t answer those questions for you. However, when you decide it’s time to scrap it call us. We’ll pay you for the privilege of taking the car off your hands and give you a Certificate of Destruction so you have no further liability for the car.

It’s unnecessary to leave an old car sitting taking up space waiting for a buyer or money for repairs; neither of which ever shows up. In Oxton, car scrapping with Scrap Car Heaven means we haul your old car to our authorised de pollution centre. Old cars are an ecological nightmare so we strip every square inch of that car and recycle the parts. Not just engine parts and bumpers but the battery, fluids, tyres and plastics that left to rot will contaminate the ground. When you see old junk yards where cars are left sitting for years there is nothing ecologically good going on there. After stripping a car we have material left over that is not recyclable but is hazardous. That material is destroyed in an environmentally safe and approved manner.

Car Scrapping in Oxton benefits everyone. Our company has been in the business for decades so we benefit. Manufacturers looking for recycled goods to use benefit because they can make products cheaper. You benefit because you got the last mile out of your car and still walked away with some money. The environment benefits because we aren’t dumping junk cars and toxic waste into landfills. Call us at Scrap Car Heaven when it’s time to get rid of your old car. All things considered, it’s the right thing to do.

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