Recycle Your Car in Greasby

Recycle Your Car in GreasbyRecycling is part of the 21st century, and if you recycle your car in Greasby, a number of benefits await for your wallet and also for the environment. Cars are manufactured with steel, and by recycling that steel, mining for dwindling resources is halted. Not only that, but recycling the materials found in end-of-life cars reduces the amount of waste in landfills. At Scrap Car Heaven we’ve made it possible for you to have money in your pocket from selling us your used car, and we then play our part in protecting the environment. We’re a scrap metal dealer in Birkenhead and we offer services related to ferrous scrap metal. We’ve got a depollution centre which covers the areas of Wirral, Liverpool and Chester, and what’s more we offer a free collection service.

You can be sure that when you hand your old car over to us, you’re dealing with people who care about your old jalopy. In Greasby, recycle your car with us and experience the same exceptional services that all our other customers have enjoyed. We have a fully licensed yard with crushing facilities, and with our more than 50 years in the industry, you can be sure we do everything to a professional and high standard. We’re a family run business who believe in ethical recycling and environmental responsibility, as well as the values of excellent customer service and care. We are honest about the worth of your scrap metal and will not dodge away from giving you your money’s worth.

Recycle your car in Greasby and become one of the many customers we have who recommend us to others. We pay top prices for your scrap metal. All that’s required of you is to fill in our online ‘Arrange Collection’ form. We accept all makes and models. Contact Scrap Car Heaven to recycle your car today. We’ll give you a Certificate of Destruction and you can rest assured your car is off the road and that it has been scrapped in a lawful and environmentally sound manner and is now at rest.

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