Car Scrap Service in Hoylake

Car Scrap Service in HoylakeA car scrap service in Hoylake is important for the environment. An old scrap car can be very hazardous. It may look like a rusty shell but there are dangerous chemicals lurking inside it. These need to be drained and disposed of properly. Children and animals are known to have died from drinking the antifreeze that has leaked out of the radiator. Children will play in an abandoned car and may get stuck in the boot and suffocate. Behave responsibly and call our collection service. We will collect the car and pay you for the weight in scrap. Your property looks neater and the environment is safe.

When your car is beyond repair in Hoylake, car scrap service will remove it and recycle it. We issue you with a scrap certificate so that the car can no longer be taxed. When the vehicle reaches our scrap yard we immediately remove all fluids and liquids from it. These are sent to specialists who dispose of them. We then remove all the glass and plastic from the car and strip it down to the shell. This is then crushed into a compact block of scrap metal and sent to a smelting plant where it is refined into useable metal. Recycling metal saves an enormous amount of energy and cost.

Car scrap service in Hoylake is an important business which benefits everyone. Contact Scrap Car Heaven today and have your old rust heap removed. We offer a free collection service so just call us or complete the on line request and we will come and fetch your old car. We have been in the ferrous scrap metal business for over 50 years. Our business is family run with family values. We take steel and iron scrap metal but mainly focus on end of life cars. Most of our business is through recommendations from satisfied customers and as we have been successful for half a century it shows how outstandingly happy our clients are with our service.

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