Scrap a Car in Prenton

Scrap a Car in PrentonDo you want to scrap a car in Prenton? Is the space in your driveway being occupied by a rusty, rundown vehicle that has seen better years? Why not put it out of its misery and send it to a scrap yard? The process is simpler than you think and the rewards are worthwhile. First, you free up valuable space on your driveway. Second, your home’s look is not brought down by a rust bucket. Third, sending it to a scrap service means your vehicle will be disposed in a suitable manner.

If you live near or in Prenton, scrap a car by contacting Scrap Car Heaven. Many people often inquire about the car scrapping process because they actually assume the process is difficult. The process is far simpler than you can imagine. Start by filling out the vehicle collection request form that we provide. After submitting the form, we will come to your residence and collect it at a time suitable to you. Then we will take the vehicle to our authorized depollution center. Here, your car will be dismantled and the harmful waste within will disposed of with due consideration to the environment. Upon completion of the dismantling process, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. This guarantees that your vehicle is no longer on the road and you are not responsible for it. Without provision of a certificate, the last owner may be fined under new legislation for continuous registration. Our team will issue this certificate to you within five days of removing the vehicle from your premises. When you claim your taxes, you are able to claim back road tax that were pending on the vehicle.

Retire your old vehicle by choosing to scrap a car in Prenton. Give Scrap Car Heaven a call to learn more about this very simple procedure. We accept all makes and models of car and will be happy to take yours off your hands!

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