Scrap Car Prices in Prenton

scrap car prices in PrentonYou need to know about scrap car prices in Prenton if your car’s old, totaled in an accident, an insurance write-off, or not road-worthy. Perhaps your old darling has failed the MOT and you need to say good-bye. At Scrap Car Heaven, we offer top prices for your non-runners, flood-damaged vehicles and those that are no longer road-worthy. The End of Life directive in force in the UK and many other countries deems that motor-vehicles must be disposed of in a prescribed and regulated manner. We are reputed and well-established in the business. Additionally, we offer great facilities and services that make the process simple and convenient for customers.

Just fill our on-line request and provide details about your vehicle and where we need to pick it up from. In Prenton, scrap car prices may vary according to age and condition of the vehicle. We can arrange to make immediate payment and transport your vehicle to our Authorized Treatment Facility. We are in full compliance with the SMDA 2013 (Scrap Metal Dealers’ Act 2013) which means that all payments are made via cheque or bank transfer. When you hire a scrap metal dealer to dispose of your car, make sure that they follow current regulations regarding disposal and recycling. Most dealers offer free pick-up and towing of your vehicle from your premises. They would also prefer that you have the complete documents and paperwork regarding registration, and insurance with you. Get a certificate from the dealer saying that your car will be disposed of in an environmentally-conscious manner, in keeping with local and national regulations.

Scrap car prices in Prenton may vary according to the condition of your vehicle and current going rates in the market. Contact a few dealers before you make the final decision. At Scrap Car Heaven, we understand that customers are concerned about the numerous scammers and fly-by-night operators present in this business. Hence, we recommend that you contact us or visit our offices for a detailed discussion before engaging our services. This helps set your mind at rest and clarifies your doubts fully. We are glad to be of help.

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