Car Recycling in Port Sunlight

Car Recycling in Port SunlightIf you are uncertain where to go to for car recycling in Port Sunlight, Scrap Car Heaven can provide an excellent service. Are you still not sure what exactly car recycling entails? Simply put, we collect your car and pay you a sum of money for the scrap metal that we can obtain from it. We will dismantle it, reuse and recycle the salvageable metal and parts, destroy what can’t be recycled in an environmentally-friendly manner. We will also give you a certificate of destruction as evidence that your car was lawfully and correctly scrapped.

If you live in Port Sunlight, car recycling is a service that you will require at some stage. Scrap Car Heaven’s expert team are ready to help. We aim to maintain the same high standard and service for every customer. We combine friendliness with professionalism to ensure our quality of customer care is at a high level. As a family run business, we apply family values to the work we do. Our 50 years of experience and involvement in the community has earned us a respectable reputation. Many of our new clients are a result of existing customers’ recommendations and we take pride in this as it shows our level of skill and customer service. We aim to always put our customers first and provide a service that ensures satisfaction.

Contact Scrap Car Heaven for car recycling Port Sunlight. If your old car has been standing in your backyard for a long time and you are worried about how you will get it to us, don’t worry! We offer a collection service and we have all the equipment and vehicles we need to transport it to our depollution site. All our scrapping processes are environmentally friendly and lawfully sound. Please note that we will send you your Certificate of Destruction within five days of the scrapping process being completed. Give us a ring to find out more or fill out our online collection arrangement form today!

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