Scrap Cars in Bebington

scrap cars in BebingtonThere is more to managing scrap cars in Bebington than you might think. You see videos of whole cars being conveyed to a giant metal crusher that crushes them into a square block of metal and stacks them neatly in a pile. It doesn’t happen that way, at least not at our place, Scrap Car Heaven. We are environmentally enlightened and ecologically responsible and besides, the government has rules for the environmentally safe disposal of end of life vehicles. When you sell us your scrap car, we bring it to our authorised depollution centre and dismantle it, separating out the recyclable metals, batteries, tyres, plastics and fluids that can be recycled. The waste is anything left that is harmful to our environment. We safely dispose of that according to law.

As the last owner of the car you remain responsible unless you scrap it in an approved manner. For scrap car owners in Bebington, scrap cars collected by Scrap Car Heaven will receive a Certificate of Destruction. Once you receive that CoD you are no longer, by law, responsible for the car. In addition, we pay you a fair price for your scrap car and if there are any months of road tax left on the car you can ask for it back. Best of all, your old junker is out of sight and all you had to do was make a phone call.

We collect Scrap Cars in Bebington as well as all ferrous metals at Scrap Car Heaven. Our family owned business goes back fifty years. You can imagine we have built an excellent reputation for customer service. Much of our business comes by way of referral from our happy customers. Therefore, whether you have a scrap car you need to get rid of or you know someone who does, contact Scrap Car Heaven and schedule a good time for us to come pick it up. It’s just that easy. You will make yourself a little money and get rid of car no longer useful to you. At the same time, you will be putting raw materials back into circulation instead of wasting reusable natural resources. That is an admirable way to do your bit for the environment.

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