Scrap Car Prices in Ellesmere Port

We’re often asked what’s theĀ Scrap Car Prices in Ellesmere Port and there isn’t a straight forward answer to that question in depends on many things, but the most important detail is the car itself and in the past when most scrap car dealers would sell car parts off the vehicles that had been scrapped in the majority of cases this is no longer the case and priced on the size and no longer the quality of the vehicle.


In Ellesmere Port Scrap Prices are at an all time high, but not just Birkenhead anywhere else for that matter and at Scrap Car Heaven we pay the highest prices in the area, the main reason for this is as a well established business, we have everything done in-house and out source nothing, therefore there is no middle man, hence best prices paid!

Although Scrap Car Prices in Ellesmere Port are at an all time high, its not just a financial decision where a car get’s scrapped it can be a emotional one too. With this in mind we have added a Grave’s Gallery to our Scrap Car Heaven website which allow owners to pay their last respects to their nearest and dearest automobile, watch this space for updates.




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