Scrap Car Prices in Liverpool

We are often asked what are the Scrap Car Prices in Liverpool? and as I said to lady last week it depends on the make and model of the car and the condition or should I say the ease of access and how available the vehicle is for collection. The lady in question was based in Bromborough on the Wirral and her car was a Vauxhall Corsa and without power steering it was a challenge to get the car onto our wagon, but we are used to dealing with difficult vehicles at Scrap Car Heaven.

Depending on where the car is located in Liverpool will determine the Scrap Car Prices, but as we process everything ourselves there is no middle man , therefore we always provide the most competitive prices and as result most people take the 3 steps to heaven and call Scrap Car Heaven.

Once we’ve quoted our Scrap Car Prices in Liverpool we normally collect the car within 24 hours and of the course the owner is paid cash on collection of their old car, we are now getting into the habit of taking a picture of the car as it’s collected and then one as we process it and send it to Scrap Car Heaven (see below)

"Scrap Car Prices in Liverpool"

"Scrap Car Prices in Liverpool"

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