Scrap Car Liverpool

I collected a car last week, the Scrap Car  Liverpool was picked up near to the waterside in Little Sutton and the owner was very sorry to see it go. The car in question was a Citroen Saxo and the owner had bought the car from new, driving it for nearly 12 years.

On visiting Liverpool to collect the Scrap Car I noticed a South African restaurant by the waterside, which I shall be paying a visit to on my next trip to Little Sutton, as I’ve always fancied eating some crocodile or ostrich. As the owner of the Saxo was quite sad to see her car go, she loved the idea of getting a picture of her dearly departed vehicle.

The Scrap Car from Liverpool had failed it’s MOT and the owner decided it was more cost effective to scrap her existing car and buy a replacement vehicle. A failed MOT normally results in us getting a call at Scrap Car Heaven and the money we pay for a Scrap Car normally goes toward the purchase of a newer vehicle, thats why we always pay higher prices than our competitors.


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