Scrap A Car Liverpool

If you are looking to Scrap A Car Liverpool, then you should look know further than Scrap Car Heaven based in Birkenhead. We are experts in all aspects  relating to ferrous scrap metal and have built up over a period of time, an unenviable reputation for outstanding customer service within our business. We have been established for over 50 years in the area and so feel we are qualified enough to answer all your scrap metal queries!

Whether its in enquiry in Liverpool or anywhere else in the area asking to scrap a car,we dedicate our time to deal with each enquiry thoroughly. Firstly we ask you to fill in our vehicle collection request form then one of our team will come and collect your car at a convenient time that suits you. From here your car is taken to our authorised depollution centre and is subsequently dismantled with all harmful waste being disposed in an environmentally friendly way.

When we scrap a car Liverpool, we provide all owners with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ which is to verify that the particular vehicle has been scrapped in a lawful and environmentally correct way. Upon receiving this certificate, the customer is now safe in the knowledge his or her car is correctly off the road and no longer a responsibility for them. So, from either calling or filling out the form to us picking up your vehicle to it being disposed environmentally and correctly, there really are only ‘3 steps’ to scrap car heaven when you deal with us. Simple!

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