Scrap Cars in Ellesmere Port

We’ve recently collected a number of Scrap Cars in Ellesmere Port it’s amazing how many times we get calls from being seen in the same area, it’s almost like on seeing our collection truck it jogs people’s memories to send to get some cash for their own tired and clapped out vehicle and fortunately at the moment we are able to offer top prices for most scrap vehicles.

The last collection in Ellesmere Port for Scrap Cars was earlier this week and how apt the vehicle in question was a Vauxhall Astra, I say how apt because we collected the vehicle a stone’s throw away from the Vauxhall car plant where the car in question had started it’s life and now where it has ended.

Wether it’s Scrap Cars in Ellesmere Port or anywhere else on the Wirral at Scrap Car Heaven we are always confident we will pay more than any of our competitors for scrap vehicles and on this basis we look forward to more trips across to Ellesmere Port

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