Scrap Cars Wirral

Our family has been handling Scrap Cars in the Wirral for over 50 years now, wether it’s a Hillman Imp in Hoylake or a Cortina in Caldy, we have covered pretty much every area on the Wirral and over the years there have been many changes to how we scrap a car.

In the past when we collected in the Wirral for a Scrap Car, the car would be brought to our yard, where it would be stacked 2/3 cars high and members of the public could then roam around our yard and climb all over the vehicles rummaging for spare parts for their existing vehicle this would be a fraction of the price over buying a new part and eventually the vehicle would be scrapped.

How things have changed, when you Scrap a Car in the Wirral, rather than the public having to pay to have their car taken away, we will always collect the car and then provide a certificate of destruction, but more importantly for the car owner, they get lots of lovely lolly! and they have peace of mind that their cherished vehicle is going to Scrap Car Heaven

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