Scrap Car Wirral

We have just collected a Scrap Car Wirral from an owner based in Ellesmere Port, the car in question was a VW Polo and the owner just followed the 3 steps to heaven on the Scrap Car Heaven website and arranged for us to collect their car. The car in question had been left in the owners garden for over 12 months, so it went with a bit of a struggle onto our truck, but nothing were not used to.

Working on the Wirral collecting Scrap Cars, we cover pretty much every area; Ellesmere Port, Moreton, Birkenhead, Heswall, etc and we are incredibly busy at the moment, although competition is considerable, the main reason we stay busy is unlike the majority of our competitors we don’t outsource any services. We act as a one-stop shop, resulting in no additional costs meaning we pay higher prices than most for Scrap Cars.

On delivering the Scrap Car Wirral to our destruction yard, we are heading through the Mersey Tunnel over to Allerton, where we will be collecting a Ford Transit Van, the owner is delighted at the price we quoted him, which is considerably more than he’d been quoted by some of our competitors.

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