Scrap Car Old Swan Liverpool

Just collected a Scrap Car in Old Swan Liverpool the car in qusetion was a Blue Rover the owner of the dearly departed auto was glad to see it go as it had become something of an eyesore at the home address, but was even happier with the money we gave for the car, we paid more than any other quote they recieved.

As I was driving round Old Swan in Liverpool¬†on my way to collect the Scrap Car, I started thinking how the landscape in Liverpool has changed particularly over the last 10 years and with the changes in the landscape there has also been changes to the amount of scrap cars seen in public. This is mainly due to the computerised system the DVLA now operates, allowing a greater control of vehicles reaching their “best before date”

On collection of the Scrap Car in Old Swan I headed back to dispose of the Rover and then head off to Moreton to collect an Astra Van that has been left to rot in someone’s drive, I’m incredibly busy at the moment must be something to do with the owners of scrap cars sleeping safe in the knowledge that all good cars go to Scrap Car Heaven.

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