Scrap Car in Liverpool

We’ve just picked up a Scrap Car in Liverpool the car in question was a VW Polo and it had definitely seen better days as it had been left on the customer’s drive for over three years, so it took some moving, but at Scrap Car Heaven we are more than used to moving immovable objects.

After collecting the Polo we went to price another car in Childwall on the way there we drove down the famous Penny Lane, we looked for the barber showing photographs but he was nowhere to be seen, talking of The Beatles it would have been nice to be offered the psychedelic Rolls Royce owned by John Ennon which was sold recently for close to a million pounds.

In the next few weeks, we will be looking to produce some Scrap Car Heaven stickers for all our customers letting everyone know around Merseyside, Wirral and Chester that all good cars go to Scrap Car Heaven and when they do the owners receive the best price for their dearly departed automobile

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