Scrap Car in Garston

I’ve just organised a collection of a Scrap Car in Garston the car in question is Ford Fiesta and the owner asked the same question most people in there position ask “how much will I get for the car?” thankfully at Scrap Car Heaven we always pay top prices for scrap cars, so if a customer is shopping around they tend to choose us.

We’ve collected Scrap Cars in Garston on numerous occasions, in fact throughout most of the South Liverpool area, the “Angels” from Scrap Car Heaven are seen collecting vehicles which are on their way to Car Heaven. We are in the process of getting some bumper stickers printed with the slogan “All good cars go to heaven” to leave with customers to put on their new vehicle.

On collection of the Scrap Car in Garston we will drop off the vehicle at our crushing facility and then process the vehicle, as part of this process we now take pictures of the scrapped vehicle and will put each image onto our website for the respective owner to view their dearly departed

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