Scrap Car Wallasey

I’ve just arranged a collection of a Scrap Car in Wallasey the car in question is a Ford Transit van that has just failed it’s MOT and the owner has decided it’s time for his van to go to Scrap Car Heaven, we always pay more money for vans over cars purely because there is a greater scrap value for a van than a car.

Once I’ve visited Wallasey to collect the Scrap Car I’m off to Chester where I will be collecting a VW Golf, the lady owner came across our website and liked the thought her trusted auto would be going to Scrap Car Heaven and has requested she receives a photo of her dearly departed car.

Being based in Birkenhead I collect lots of Scrap Cars in Wallasey but I have seen an increase in enquiries all over the Wirral, Chester and Merseyside, the reason for this? I believe there are two main reasons, firstly  we pay higher prices than anyone else and secondly all good cars go to heaven!

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