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"Scrap Car dealer Birkenhead"¬†As a Scrap Car dealer in Birkenhead I’ve met many different people and sent many various makes and models of cars to Scrap Car Heaven, but Thursday morning was a new experience, when I received a call from St Annes church in Birkenhead, I was greeted by Father Phillip Atkinson who required my services to deal with his worn out Peugeot 205.

In Birkenhead most Scrap Dealers look at cars as a lump of metal, but at Scrap Car Heaven we understand that you can become attached to your lump of metal, which can hold many special memories, so with this in mind we have set the “Grave Gallery” on our website where you can pay your last respects to your dearly departed automobile.

When we arrived to collect the car from St Annes I asked Father Atkinson wether it would be okay to get a picture of his car before we took it away and he was more than happy to oblige. I explained as an established Scrap Car Dealer in Birkenhead we pay higher prices than anyone else in the area, which certainly softened the blow as we took his beloved Peugeot away.

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