Scrap Car Chester

Had an unusual day yesterday I collected a Scrap Car in Chester the lady had found us on an Internet search on Google and after shopping around discovered that we would give her more money than anyone for her VW Passat, we collected the car along with her documents, but didn’t bargain for what else we collected in the car.

As we were driving back from Chester with the Scrap Car in tow our driver couldn’t believe his eyes, when through his rear view mirror he spotted something moving within the car. He carefully pulled over and nervously examined the car and to his amazement he found a black and white cat on the front passenger seat.

On discovery of the unexpected passenger he promptly contacted the owner of the cat and swiftly took the Scrap Car back to Chester along with the cat to a very grateful owner after all it was only the car that was travelling to Scrap Car Heaven.

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