Vehicle Scrapping in West Kirby

vehicle scrapping in West KirbyIt is best to consider vehicle scrapping in West Kirby when you have an old car sitting in your garage that is in a poor condition. This is a service offered by scrap metal companies who’d be happy to take your junk car off your hands. The responsibility of removing and transporting the car would be in the company’s hands, with little inconvenience to you. You will end up with more storage space in your garage.

If you reside in West Kirby, vehicle scrapping services are offered by Scrap Car Heaven. Getting rid of your junk is very easy. Simply visit our website and complete the collection request form. We will collect your vehicle at the allotted time you choose. Your vehicle will be picked up by our team and taken to an authorised depollution centre. At the centre, the vehicle will be dismantled. All the harmful waste that is in it will be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. We will then issue you a Certificate of Destruction (COD). This certificate proves that we scrapped your car in a lawful and environmentally safe manner. During taxation time, you can claim back any road tax that was left on the vehicle. You can also rest with the knowledge that you are no longer responsible for your vehicle. If you choose not to dispose of it in this manner, the last owner of your vehicle may be fined under continuous registration legislation. We will issue the COD within 5 days of removing your vehicle.

If you would like more information about vehicle scrapping in West Kirby, contact Scrap Car Heaven. We will gladly collect the old junk car sitting in your garage and occupying much-needed space. Speak to us about taking the responsibility of your old car off your hands.

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