Scrap Your Vehicle in New Brighton

Scrap Your Vehicle in New BrightonWhen your vehicle reaches the end of its life, you can always scrap your vehicle in New Brighton so that it does not completely go to waste. Letting your vehicle stand under the sun and the rain will ruin the car and the various parts that could be collected and put to better use.

An old vehicle that no longer runs still has usable parts. In New Brighton, scrap your vehicle so that parts of the vehicle can be recycled and reused. We are happy to collect your old vehicle. We will also pay you for it. After collection, and once it reaches our depollution centre, the car will be emptied of all harmful and toxic wastes. These are collected and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. The car will be dismantled and a certificate of destruction will be provided to you stating that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle that is no longer on the road. One of the many reasons that you should consider scrapping your vehicle is that the steel and iron recovered can help in reducing mining and other natural resources. A lot of energy is spent during the processing of raw materials and you can help reduce this massive amount of energy by recycling. By recycling one tonne of steel, you can help conserve about 2500 pounds of ore, 1400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone!

We will be delighted to scrap your vehicle in New Brighton. Contact Scrap Car Heaven today if you would like to scrap your vehicle. Give us a call to make an appointment so that we can come and collect the vehicle. An out of commission vehicle can still provide many different uses and will never be wasted unless it is left to rust somewhere. We take pride in delivering an excellent quality of service and doing the little we can to help conserve the environment.

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