Car Scrap Scheme in Frodsham

Car Scrap Scheme in FrodshamScrap Car Heaven has a car scrap scheme in Frodsham. We are located in Birkenhead and cover Liverpool, Chester and the Wirral. That is good news for those of us who find ourselves wondering what to do with the old junker blocking the driveway. The best part about our scheme is that we pay the car owner to haul the old car away to our scrap car graveyard. What happens to the car after that need not concern the car owner. After all, he is no longer responsible for it once he receives a Certificate of Destruction. However, it won’t hurt to know what really happens after the old car rounds the corner.

When cars are scrapped they have to be taken to an authorised depollution center. In Frodsham, a car scrap scheme includes following government environmental regulations. We at Scrap Car Heaven are an authorised depollution center. You should know that your old car will be dismantled and all toxic waste disposed of in an environmentally safe way. Often even the many fluids found in cars can be recycled. The plastic is separated out for shredding. Batteries, tires, nonferrous metals, ferrous metals, radios, glass, starters, engines and most other care parts are separated out for recycling. Actually, about 80% of a car can be recycled. The other 20% can be shredded but cannot be recycled.

The car scrap scheme in Frodsham is an important part of Scrap Car Heaven’s business. Our family has been in the scrap metal industry for over 50 years. We have an excellent reputation for customer service that is fair and honest. That old car is polluting the environment just sitting there. Don’t wait any longer to call Scrap Car Heaven and get it towed away. Contact Scrap Car Heaven to find out more about the car scrap scheme. It will put a little cash in your pocket and help you out with the legal end of life disposal of the car. The car will be out of your sight and you will no longer be legally responsible for it. The law says that a car owner without proper de-registration is subject to a fine. Plus, if there are any full months of road tax left the car owner can claim it back.

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