Recycle Your Car in Leasowe

Recycle Your Car in LeasoweScrap Car Heaven has only three steps in their stairway to Heaven to recycle your car in Leasowe. You call us; we pick up your car; we pay you and leave. It is just that easy to clear out that old junker and relieve yourself of all responsibility for it. We will give you a Certificate of Destruction so you can prove that old car is off the road. You will have proof that the car has been properly disposed an environmentally safe manner and according to law. Scrap Car Heaven is a certified recycler of cars. The car has to be de-registered to rid yourself of all liability connected to it. By law, if there are violations, you could face fines. On the other hand, if there are any months of road tax left on the vehicle you claim that money.

We get queries from time to time at Scrap Car Heaven about the recycling process. If you, in Leasowe, recycle your car there is a specific order to be followed. When we tow your car to our recycling yard, we strip out the recyclable metal. There are markets for recyclables. Manufactures use them to create useful products. Any toxic parts are disposed of according to environmental standards at our depollution center.  While our main focus is the recycling of ferrous metals, we are fully equipped to deal with end of life vehicles.

Recycle your car in Leasowe through Scrap Car Heaven, regardless of the car’s current condition. The car does not have to be drivable or even running. If you have a rust bucket with a seized engine creating a blight on the neighbourhood, let Scrap Car Heaven move it out of there for you. Contact Scrap Car Heaven to recycle your old car. The neighbours might start talking to you again instead of just talking about you. Scrap Car Heaven has been around as a family owned business for 50 years. There are a number of ways that people end up with scrap cars. The one thing you do not want to do is abandon your old car. Besides, why not get a little cash for it and let us haul it away for you.

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