Scrap a Car in Heswall

Scrap a Car in HeswallScrap a car in Heswall can be a rewarding experience.  If your car has gone to a better place and no longer shows any sign of life it is time to send it to car heaven. With one phone call the angels will come to your premises or home and collect your sadly deceased vehicle. They will pay you a condolence fee and remove the now empty shell of your car. This is just the beginning or your car’s reincarnation. It is definitely going to a better place and will be doing its bit for the environment.

In Heswall, scrap a car begins with the removal of the car and its transport to the scrap yard. Nowadays the scrap yard does amazing things with the old cars.  The car is stripped down to its component parts and sorted into various materials. The different materials are then treated in different ways. Some of the useable parts are sent as spares to third world countries where older cars are still in demand and spares in short supply, so, like an organ donor, your car can save another’s life. Once all the useful parts like the battery, radiator and exhaust system, along with the wiring harnesses, have been removed, there is just the shell of the car left. It is basically just the metal which is then crushed into a small but heavy block of low grade scrap metal.

Scrap a car in Heswall and receive your scrapping certificate or certificate of destruction that proves your vehicle has been responsibly disposed of and is no longer your responsibility. You may then be able to claim back any full months of road tax. Meanwhile, your car is on a ship with tonnes of other scrap metal to start a new life. The scrap is sent to India or China to be smelted and reused. If you would more information on how to scrap a car, contact Scrap Car Heaven.

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