Car Scrap Value in the Wirral

Car Scrap Value in the WirralWondering about what the car scrap value in the Wirral could be? Do you want to get rid of your trusty old vehicle and are considering selling it for scrap? Up until recently, when a car fails the MOTs, it was considered little better than scrap and too expensive to repair and keep on the road. Owners had to pay scrap metal dealers to come to their premises and perhaps get paid a measly sum. Alternatively, owners themselves looked for a scrapyard and got the job done. However, due to the Internet revolution, better environmental protection standards and legislation, there are lots of options available today. On-line scrap evaluation is one such alternative. Many scrap dealers have an easy to fill on-line form which asks you to enter the car’s location, registration number, model and size. In return you may get an instant quote for collection and delivery. They undertake to safely dispose of the car so that the materials don’t end up in landfills or pose a hazard to the environment. Legal rules to be complied with include the End of Life Vehicle Directive and combating metal theft of valuable metals like copper. Being paid cash for scrap has today become illegal in the UK. Scrap metal dealers must pay via cheque or make the payment directly to your bank account.

In the Wirral, car scrap value depends on a particular type of calculation which takes into account the estimated purchase price or resale value of a used car. The rates also depend on the age, mileage, registration number, when your MOT and taxes are due to run out, servicing history and a minimum of two sets of keys. If all these details are not available, it may be difficult to find a legally approved scrap dealer, who can give you a DVLA certificate which says that your car has been disposed of in compliance with the regulations.

Car scrap value in the Wirral can be offered by reliable and reputed car scrap professionals like Scrap Car Heaven who can take care of details like lost V5 or logbook and offer a good market value. If you are considering selling your old car for scrap and wondering about car scrap value, contact Scrap Car Heaven.

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