Dispose of your Vehicle Responsibly with Car Scrappage in Wallasey

Car Scrappage in WallaseyAre you looking for a company that offers car scrappage in Wallasey? If want to get rid of your old car, then you will need to find a metal scrap dealer that will dispose your car in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. It makes perfect sense to get rid of a car that you no longer use, or if it costs you more than the car’s worth to keep it on the road. A scrap metal dealer will pay you money in exchange for your old car – this way; you earn some money and also get rid of your space consuming car. A responsible and reputable metal scrap dealer like Scrap Car Heaven will recycle your car the right way. Remember, it is important to choose a scrap metal dealer that is fully licensed and boasts of crushing facilities and de-pollution equipment.

In Wallasey, car scrappage service is offered by Scrap Car Heaven, a company that has been in the scrap metal industry for more than five decades. Scrap Car Heaven takes ferrous metal scrap, steel scrap and its de-pollution facility allows it to handle end of life vehicles effectively in an environmental-friendly way. Through the years, Scrap Car Heaven has built a solid reputation for delivering superior level of service constantly to its numerous customers. This dealer takes great pride in its solid reputation and is consistently working to maintain and enhance it.

When it comes to car scrappage in Wallasey, you will be very happy to know that the process is not difficult at all. First, you will need to fill out Scrap Car Heaven’s vehicle collection request form, and then they will come and pick up your vehicle at the time that is most convenient for you. Next, your car is taken to the company’s approved de-pollution centre. Your car is dismantled and every harmful waste is effectively disposed of in a responsible manner. You will receive a COD (Certificate of Destruction) thereafter. The certificate is verification that your car has been lawfully and responsibly scrapped. If you do not have proper de-registration as the last owner of the vehicle, you could be slapped with a fine under the new regulation on continuous registration. Ring Scrap Car Heaven at 0151 647 8578.

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