Car Scrappage Scheme in West Kirby

Car scrappage scheme in West KirbyWe are often asked about our car scrappage scheme in West Kirby. Customers want to know how they can prove that they no longer own the car to avoid having to pay any further road tax to the DVLA. Scrap Car Heaven are the experts in car scrapping and recycling across the Wirral and Merseyside, so we can always any questions that our customers have. We reassure our customers that they’ll receive a legal certificate of destruction. This proves that they no longer own the vehicle and it can even be used to reclaim any unused road tax, by sending it to the DVLA.

Our West Kirby car scrappage scheme brings a wealth of benefits to customers who need to get rid of an old car. Has your car been involved in an accident, or does it have so many miles on the clock that it seems like it’s in the garage more than it is on the road? Don’t let your car just sit on the drive taking up space and being an eyesore. It could be worth more than you think. That’s right, we’ll actually pay to take your old car away, however old it is and whether it’s in working condition or a non-runner. That means you’ll have space available on your drive for a new vehicle and some money to put towards the purchase price.

Customers who take advantage of our car scrappage scheme in West Kirby aren’t just helping their bank balance; they’re helping the environment as well. We can all see the effects of climate change around us, as the weather gets more extreme and more unpredictable year on year. That’s why politicians are committed to encouraging recycling whenever possible. We take all cars to a registered de-pollution centre where as much material as possible is recycled. It’s a greener way to dispose of a motor vehicle and we can help with all of the paperwork. Don’t put up with an old, unloved car on your drive, contact our friendly and expert team today.

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