Scrap Car Dealer in Wallasey

Car Scrapping Birkenhead

For a scrap car dealer in Birkenhead you can do no better than to contact Scrap Car Heaven who offer an easy 1-2-3 step by step process to enable you to scrap your car quickly and easily while receiving the best price in the area.  Fill out the form on the website or call into the scrapyard and complete a form describing your vehicle and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will call to your place of choice to collect your vehicle, and give your money.

For a Birkenhead Scrap car dealer who professionally follows the DVLA and Environment Agency guidelines Scrap Car Heaven should be your scrap dealer of choice. They will always provide you with a certificate of destruction (CoD) for your vehicle to prove that you are no longer the legal owner of the vehicle and you are not responsible for it and its condition.  As an added bonus this then allows you to claim back any full months of road tax you have paid and were left on the vehicle.

Scrap Car Dealer in Birkenhead Scrap Car Heaven also always ensure that your vehicle and all the harmful waste it produces is disposed of in a depollution centre in an environmentally friendly way. Whatever condition your vehicle is in, Scrap Car Heaven will still accept it for scrap even if it is unrepairable, or an abandoned vehicle.  The long standing reputation of Scrap Car Heaven guarantees that you will receive a quality service delivered with pride, so call them now on 0151 647 8578 to scrap your vehicle now at the best price in Birkenhead and the surrounding area.

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