Car For Scrapping Bebington

Car For Scrap Bebington


We at Scrap Car Heaven, are always looking for Cars For Scrapping Bebington; As a reputable scrap metal dealer-in the area- we have providing our superb car scrapping service for many years; dealing with end of live vehicles at our depollution centre. Being a family business-since our inception over 50 years ago– we have built up an enviable reputation for offering a first class service that is simple but very effective-and rewarding in monetary terms for the customer!

For Bebington car for scrapping to throughout the Wirral, you can be assured we will deal with your query in a prompt, efficient and professional manner. Our rapid approach and excellent customer service, has seen us build up a fantastic customer base. We gain regular recommendations from our customers as a firm you can trust to deliver on their promises; providing a service that deals with your old banger effectively and environmentally-so you don’t have to the headache yourself!

For car for scrapping Bebington, all we ask, is you fill in the ‘Vehicle Collection Request Form’ and then we will come and pick up your vehicle at a time that suits you. Taken to our authorised depollution center where your vehicle will be dismantled and disposed of in an environmentally sound way-removing all harmful waste. Finally you are issued with a ‘Certificate Of Destruction’.


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