Car Scrap Prenton

Car Scrap Prenton


If you require a Car Scrap Prenton, look no further than ‘Scrap Car Heaven; the leading scrap metal dealers in Birkenhead and in the Wirral. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide a thoroughly efficient service that ‘scraps’ your vehicle in an efficient and environmentally sound way; giving you peace of mind in the process. We provide a free collection service, so wherever you are, we can visit at your convenience to pick up your vehicle to tale back to our de-pollution centre for destruction.

Wherever we receive an enquiry; be it Prenton for a car scrap-we have just picked up a Citreon Saxo- or anywhere throughout the Wirral, Liverpool and beyond, you can be assured we will deal with your query in a prompt, efficient and professional manner. Our rapid approach and excellent customer service, has seen us build up an enviable reputation for quality. We gain regular recommendations from our customers as a firm you can trust to deliver on their promises. Whats more, we offer great cash deals for having your car scrapped!

For car scrap Prenton, you will be dealing with a firm that has over 50 years’ experience in the scrap metal industry. Family run with family values we are a friendly, helpful team who constantly strive to match our customers’ expectations and surpass them. Our service is simple but effective; picking up your vehicle for free, taking to our authorised de-pollution centre, dismantling and disposing of all harmful waste in an environmentally sound manner before issuing you with a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ which means your car is off the road and not your responsibility anymore. Easy!



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