Car Scrap West Kirby

Car Scrap West Kirby


For a premier Car Scrap West Kirby service, contact the industry specialists at Scrap Car Heaven; the number one scrap car dealer in the Wirral area. Family run for over 50 years, Scrap Car Heaven(Part of Murphy’s) is the place to have your vehicle scrapped in a safe, and environmentally correct manner; with the hassle taken away from you!. Simple but very effective, you can request a free quote online or ring up to find out what the team at Scrap Car Heaven can do for you!

From West Kirby for car scrap servicing to anywhere in the Wirral area, if you want the best return on your vehicle from a company that knows everything about the industry, you can’t do better than Scrap Car Heaven. Situated in Birkenhead, the team will come and pick up vehicles-whether abandoned, for scrap, damaged or unrepairable-at a mutually convenient time for you; giving you peace of mind and ultimately ‘customer satisfaction’ from a professional outfit.

For car scrap West Kirby, new legislation has now come into force which prevents ‘cash’ transactions for scrapped cars. This has been passed to stop unscrupulous people selling on ‘stolen’ scrap metal to genuine dealers and to stem the tide of metal theft. At Scrap Car Heaven a new payment system has come into force which can ‘pay’ a customer via his or her bank in quick time; giving greater control and highlighting Scrap Car Heaven’s commitment to this new directive.



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