Car Scrapping Bebington


Car Scrapping Bebington

Bikenhead Scrap Car Dealer


Looking for Car Scrapping Bebington? Is your vehicle finally ready to ‘give up the ghost’ and be scrapped so you can move to getting a new vehicle? If this is the case, don’t look any further than Scrap Car Heaven(Murphy) based in Birkenhead, continually leading the way in the safe and environmentally friendly way they dispose of old vehicles at their authorised depollution centre. Whatever your requirements, the friendly and helpful team will assist you in scrapping your car.

Whether we receive an enquiry from Bebington for car scrapping all from anywhere in the Wirral and Liverpool area, you can rest assured you will be dealt with immediately in a professional manner that gives you peace of mind and customer satisfaction. With  over 50 years’ experience in the scrap metal business, our family run company is based on trust, efficiency and giving our customers-both new and existing-exactly what they want when they bring their vehicle to us-or we pick up!

With car scrapping Bebington, we take all vehicles for recycling; whatever condition! Under new guidelines, cash payments can’t be given-due to the directive to rid the industry of thieves stealing and passing on scrap-but at Scrap Car Heaven we have set up a payment system that means we can transfer money for your car ‘immediately’ into your bank with minimum fuss and disruption. So, when you want your vehicle destroyed in the correct manner, come to Scrap Car Heaven; you won’t be disappointed with the service and the money! Guaranteed.




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