Scrap Cars In Wirral

If you want to Scrap Cars In Wirral, look no further than Scrap Car Heaven; leading experts in destruction of all types of vehicles in the area! Our car scrapping service is truly second to none; providing you-the customer- with not only ease in which to dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally correct manner, but also we give you money for your old car! We take any type of vehicle-using our free collection service-so as to give you peace of mind your vehicle is destroyed using the correct procedures.

No matter where we receive and enquiry; be it in the Wirral for scrap cars or anywhere on Merseyside and beyond, you can rest assured we will deal with your query promptly, efficiently and above all in a professional manner. We are proud of our enviable reputation for great customer service; constantly striving to match and surpass the expectations of our customers-new and existing. As a family business, we have over 50 years experience within the industry and instill ‘our family values’ into our work on a constant basis.

With a scrap cars in Wirral enquiry, you will find the scrapping process quick, easy and above all effective. All we ask is you fill out our simple collection request form. We then will collect your vehicle at a time that suits you and it will be taken to our ‘ authorised depollution centre’; to be dismantled and all harmful waste disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Finally you will receive a Certificate of Destruction which informs you that your vehicle is off the road and destroyed so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. And remember we give you money for your vehicle…its a ‘win win’ situation at Scrap Car Heaven!


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