Scrap A Car Wirral

We’ve had a phone call regarding Scrap A Car Wirral from a gentleman who has not one, but two vehicles he wants to get scrapped. Having made the decision that he had no room for both, he set about looking for a reputable scrap firm who paid good money for old cars. Thankfully, he came across our name prominently on searches and gave us a call. Naturally we were particularly happy he had contacted us and assured him we were the leading car scrapping service!

Whether its the Wirral for a scrap a car enquiry or anywhere throughout Merseyside, we always say to potential customers, you really won’t find a better deal anywhere else! Our reputation has been forged over 50 years within the scrap metal industry and as a family run company we run our business with the accent on family values. We are proud of the outstanding level of service we provide; constantly striving to maintain and surpass our expectations and yours!

With a scrap a car Wirral enquiry, the ‘scrapping process’ is so simple but effective. Al we ask -initially- is for you to fill out our vehicle collection request form’ from which we arrange a convenient time to pick up your old vehicle. From here, we transport to¬† our authorised depollution centre where your vehicle will be dismantled in an environmentally sound way. Once this process has been completed we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) which is our guarantee your vehicle is off the road and you are no longer responsible. And don’t forget- you receive money for your old car! Happy days!


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