Scrap Car Toxteth

Another busy day yesterday picked up a Scrap car in Toxteth the car in question was a VW Golf and the owner was delighted with service we provided, but even happier with the price we gave for his old car, it was more than £40 than any our competitors would have paid and went toward his replacement car.

As we drove through Toxteth after collecting the Scrap Car, we had another call to collect a vehicle on the Wirral, that had been stood for over 10 years! this is not uncommon, but requires a bit more effort to remove, most of the time the the car will be literally stuck to the spot, but with some gentle persuasion we always manage to send it on it’s way to Scrap Car Heaven.

After dropping the Scrap Car Toxteth off at our yard, the customer has requested a picture of his vehicle just before it’s sent to Car Heaven, over the next few weeks we shall be putting more images onto our Grave Gallery on the new site, so watch this space!

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