Scrap a Car on The Wirral

We received an enquiry asking how to Scrap a Car on The Wirral and my answer was the same wherever someone is based, at Scrap Car Heaven there are 3 simple steps to Car Heaven.

Step 1
Pick up the phone, tell us your on The Wirral and you want to Scrap a Car, tell us the model and make of the vehicle or alternatively fill out the Heaven’s request form on our website and finally tell us when you’d prefer the vehicle to be collected.

Step 2
Our “Car Angels” then arrive give you some lovely lolly and safely remove your vehicle.

Step 3
Your vehicle is lovingly transported to our own depollution centre and disposed of in a caring and enviromentally friendly way and sent to “Car Heaven”

So with these 3 steps that’s how simple and easy it is to Scrap a Car on The Wirral, so call today and send your old banger to Scrap Car Heaven, where all good cars go to die!

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