Scrap Cars Childwall

Had another busy week and picked up a number of Scrap Cars in Childwall it’s often easier working in Liverpool than on the Wirral, but having said that were well placed to cover; Merseyside, Chester and the Wirral and have even gone as far as Manchester, in fact distance is no object.

The last job in Childwall for Scrap Cars was a trip down memory lane for me, we put a XR3i into Scrap Car Heaven yesterday and it brought back lots of happy memories, this was one of my first proper cars, when I say proper I mean the first car a paid more than £300 and it’s strange how you can get emotional about a lump of steel.

Wether it’s a Scrap Car in Childwall or anywhere else for that matter over the years as strange as it sounds I’ve seen more than one person shed a tear when we send their car to scrap heaven, I suppose cars can hold lots of memories some good, some bad. So when the car finally disappears it can be quite emotional, although the cash we pay for the car always helps to ease the pain.

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