Scrap Cars in Aigburth

Just picked up a Scrap Car in Aigburth and sent it to Car Heaven, the departed auto was a Ford Fiesta and the owner was very sorry to see it go, the lady in question had owned the car for over 10 years and finally konked out on her last week.

In Aigburth Scrap Cars are not a common sight, in fact thinking back a few years ago wether in Merseyside or on the Wirral you would regular see abandoned cars dotted all over the place, with changes in people’s attitudes and new regulations everyone seems to more aware of the environment.

I always enjoy collecting Scrap Cars in Aigburth it has to be one of my favourites areas in Liverpool, all the bars and restaurants that run down Lark Lane give the area a real cosmopolitan feel. At the end of Lark Lane you find yourself in Sefton Park with tree lined roads and old Victorian Houses and recently every time I drive through the park there seems to be an event happening, although I would love to stop and enjoy the park I’m always to busy delivering cars to Scrap Car Heaven

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