Scrap Your Vehicle in Oxton

Scrap Your Vehicle in OxtonIf you would like to scrap your vehicle in Oxton, it can be accomplished quickly and easily. If your car is not able to be driven, we will come and pick it up. You will receive a certificate of destruction so that you can prove the vehicle is no longer on the road and has been correctly disposed of. After years of hard work it is often not possible to fix the old car and to let it rust is a waste of money, as well as being an eyesore. We pay the scrap price of the metal in your vehicle, so we remove the problem, and you are doing your part in cleaning up the environment.

When your car can no longer be economically repaired in Oxton, scrap your vehicle responsibly with our trustworthy and experienced company. After we collect your vehicle and take it to our scrap yard and remove all harmful fluids. We also remove anything else that may be hazardous. The car is completely gutted and the different materials are sorted into the different metal components. These are packed together and sent for smelting. Almost all parts of the car are recycled. The shell of the car is crushed into a block and smelted to make amongst other things, new cars. Your old car can come back to life as a new car.

We can help scrap your vehicle in Oxton. Contact Scrap Car Heaven today and we will collect any old cars you have on your property. It can be an opportunity to claim back road tax on any amount of time left on the current year. Your vehicle has a finite life and when it reaches the end it can be remade into many different useful items and should not be allowed to pollute the environment with poisonous liquids like anti-freeze and brake fluid. These can get into the food chain and cause the death of many of our local wild creatures. Once it has leaked into the water system it will cause misery for years.

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