Scrap Car Prices in West Kirby

scrap car prices in West KirbyWhen it’s time to let go of a car, scrap car prices in West Kirby are not often in the forefront of your mind. The idea of a scrap yard may conjure images of derelict and dying cars, rotting away and being slowly picked apart for spares and parts by various strangers. Not the things we want to associate with our beloved vehicles. They have ferried us for years, kept us safe, and been a part of many memories and part of the family. How do we let them go? What will happen to them?

In West Kirby, scrap car prices at Scrap Car Heaven are guaranteed to be the best. They are also transparent about their process and procedure, making it easier to understand and come to terms with what will happen to the family vehicle. Having a three step process to getting a car to Scrap Car Heaven makes it a simple and easy process. They will collect and pay you in cash, towing away your vehicle to their de-pollution centre for ease and simplicity. They will remove all harmful substances, and dispose of them in the correct manner. Did you know one drop of used oil can contaminate 1 million drops. That means the 4l to 5l that are in the average car can contaminate 4 to 5 million litres of fresh water. Ensuring environmentally safe disposal is important for us all.

By using Scrap Car Heaven, not only are you getting excellent service, great value for money and the best scrap car prices in West Kirby, but you also have the knowledge that your car is not a health or environmental hazard nor is she being picked apart slowly while rusting painfully away. Within 5 days of the vehicle being removed, you can apply for a certificate of destruction. This states that the car has been scrapped in a lawful and environmentally friendly manner, ensuring you are not held accountable for any fines under new laws. It also entitles you to apply for any full month’s road tax still outstanding on your vehicle, should that apply. If you would like to find out more about scrap car prices, contact Scrap Car Heaven.

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