Car Scrap Service in Ellesmere Port

Car Scrap Service in Ellesmere PortCar scrap service in Ellesmere Port is a most useful and necessary service. When your car has reached the end of its life it needs to be removed and recycled.  This is so easy and lucrative for you. We are a call away and will send our staff to pick up the body and pay you for it. The car is taken to the depollution centre where it is stripped and any harmful and potentially toxic parts are properly disposed of. We provide you with a certificate of destruction to prove that your car has been disposed of in a lawful and environmentally safe way and that you are no longer responsible for it.

In Ellesmere Port, car scrap service will allow you to claim back any full month’s road tax left on the vehicle. Not only are you ridding yourself of a very heavy environmentally unfriendly pile of junk but you are also conforming to the law by having your car de-registered. The recycling of a car is an extremely complicated process with many different materials to be recycled and hazardous parts to be properly disposed of.  Wheels, tyres and batteries must first be removed and then all the various fluids in the car like oils, petrol, antifreeze and other lubricants need to be drained and properly disposed of. Air conditioners, heater core and wiring are also removed as they can be separately recycled.

Car scrap service in Ellesmere Port is the responsible way to get rid of your old car.  Once stripped your car is crushed flat and sent to an industrial shredder or hammer mill where the glass, plastic and rubber is removed and the remaining metal is sent for recycling.  Most cars are already made up of 25 % recycled metal so your old car is not disappearing but being utilised in an energy and eco-friendly manner. Contact Scrap Car Heaven for more details about a car scrap service.

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