Car Scrap in Meols

Car Scrap in MeolsScrap Car Heaven is the leading company dealing with car scrap in Meols. When a car comes to its end of life it needs to be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.  This is because it has some hazardous material that can cause pollution including lead acid batteries, fluid such as coolant, brake fluid and lubricating oil, and catalytic converters.  It needs to be processed in a depollution centre and a certificate of destruction needs to be issued.  This certificate guarantees that the vehicle is no longer on the road and its owner is no longer eligible for payment of road tax.  Scrap Car Heaven will do all of this for you.

In Meols, car scrap is sent to “car heaven”, according to Scrap Car Heaven.  What a lovely way to think of the scrapping of your vehicle when it reaches its end of life.  It has served you well, has been there when you needed it; and has carried you to many important moments and experiences.  It is a nice sentiment to imagine your car being dispatched to the parking lot in the sky for a well-deserved rest.  For a car “end of life” is on average between twelve or fourteen years, although it could occur at any time if a car is seriously damaged in an accident and has to be removed from the road. That is up to ninety-eight dog years of loyal and willing service. When the time has come, Scrap Car Heaven will come to you and collect your car and make all necessary arrangements.

Scrap Car Heaven has been processing car scrap in Meols for more than fifty years.  This impressive record is due to their excellent customer service.  New and returning customers are always assured of friendly, professional service and much of their business comes from word of mouth.  They deal in all ferrous material and are always ready to take your end of life car or other scrap material.  To find out more about car scrap and get your free quote, contact Scrap Car Heaven.


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