Scrap Car in Heswall

Scrap Car in Heswall What can we do about a scrap car in Heswall? We get that question at Scrap Car Heaven and we want people to know their solution lies with us. Few wonder where cars go to die until they have one taking up valuable space in their garage. Many will let the car sit because they think it will cost money they do not have to get it hauled away. We love to tell those folks the good news that we will pay them if they will let us tow their junky car away. We tell them they are just a few simple steps away from having space in their garage and cash in their hand.

In Heswall, scrap car removal is easy. Call us or go online and fill out a form with your contact and car information. We will schedule a time to pick the car up. At the appointed time we will arrive, hand you the agreed on amount of cash and tow your scrap car away. Three easy steps and done. The car does not have to be driveable.  If you no longer have your V5C, you can still sell your scrap car to us. We will need proof of identity from you along with the vehicle’s make, model and registration number. We move your scrap car to our authorised depollution centre. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction and if there are any months of road tax left, you can claim it back.

When Scrap Car Heaven picks up your scrap car in Heswall, we dispose of it in an environmentally safe way. The Certificate of Destruction we issue to you is your proof that you lawfully scrapped the vehicle. Ours is a licensed yard with depollution equipment for the safe removal of all harmful waste. The leftover scrap metal goes to our crushing facility and is then recycled. Our family has owned Scrap Car Heaven for fifty years and we have a scrap metal recycling formula that serves our communities and us well. You make money and you get rid of an old car. Meanwhile, the environment is saved from the effects of pollutants. If you are wondering what to do with your scrap car, contact Scrap Car Heaven.

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