Recycle Your Car in Meols

Recycle Your Car in Meols The time has come for you to recycle your car in Meols. You are nobody’s fool. When you buy a car, you expect to keep it for 200,000 plus miles. You know a properly maintained car will serve you well. Let others buy new cars every two years and never have one paid for. They can have the admiration; you will keep your cash, thank you very much. You did what you planned and drove your car into the ground and now you have to find a way to get rid of it. You will find there is no shortage of car scrappers, just registered ones.

In Meols, recycle your car with Scrap Car Heaven for the best deal going. The reason they are the best is because they give good customer service and do all the legal paperwork required to make sure your liability for that car is severed. Their scrap yard is fully licensed as a depollution centre and you will be given a Certificate of Destruction as proof. That certificate certifies to all interested parties that your old car has been lawfully recycled and you are no longer the owner. A less than honest car scrapper will offer to pay you cash for your car and tow it away. You may find out later that they resold the car for profit but government documents show it is still your car and your liability.

Do not let that happen to you when you recycle your car in in Meols. It is illegal to pay cash for scrap metal. Scrap Car Heaven will issue you a cheque or directly deposit the funds into your bank account. You will fill out a form for the DVLA that will confirm you no longer own the car. Scrap Car Heaven, besides giving you a Certificate of Destruction will also notify the DVLA that you no longer own the car. Since 2005, it has been a legal requirement that scrapped cars must go to an Authorised Treatment Facility that is licensed by an environment agency. That law was passed so that scrapped vehicles will not harm the environment with battery acids, oils and old rusty car parts. Scrap Car Heaven meets all the legal requirements. Your car will be recycled in an environmentally safe manner according to current environmental practices. For information on how to recycle your car, contact Scrap Car Heaven.

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